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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a CCTV Surveillance System

1. What are your objectives for installing a cctv surveillance system?
There are various reasons for installing a cctv surveillance system. It could be to protect property and reduce theft, or to improve the security of your family, or your employees and provide peace of mind for you. Depending on your objectives, you might want to focus on a system with good live coverage and/or systems with easily accessible recorded footage. If Internet access is important, make sure the system that you select has this capability. 
2. Are you going to do the installation yourself or have a professional do the installation?
If you are going to do the installation yourself, do you have the right expertise and equipment? Do you understand basic camera placement and cabling?
3. Will you require and if so who will provide support for the surveillance system?
For a home cctv surveillance system you don’t usually require support as you will be able to monitor it yourself. However some businesses require the service of an independent security company that offers support for cctv surveillance systems.
4. What types of facilities are you monitoring?
Does your home or business have multiple buildings that require monitoring? The type and location of the facilities will determine the placement and types of cameras as well as the type of cctv system required.
5. What is the quality of the images that you require?
This depends on your objectives with regards to your requirements of your cctv surveillance system.
The resolution and frames per second can differ from system to system.
  • Resolution is a measure of the quality of the picture. A higher resolution equals a better quality picture.
  • Frames per second (fps) indicate how many frames (or pictures) are captured in a second. The more frames per second, the less choppy the recordings.
6. What is your budget and how much will the system cost?
The answer to this question depends on your answers to the questions above, and obviously how much you can afford. In today’s economy and South Africa’s criminal environment it is a waste of
money to get a low quality system, rather choose a better quality system that you can upgrade and improve as you can afford.

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